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Jewellery Styling Tips Colour of Metal

There are 3 colours of metal we focus on:

- Silver
(including White Gold and Platinum)
- Yellow Gold (including Bronze)
- Rose Gold (including Copper)

If you have contrasting features with pale skin and blue eyes, you are likely to be ‘cool’; if your colouring is more muted, with more tanned skin or golden hair tones, you’re likely to be ‘warm’. Different metals have 'warm' or 'cool' characteristics, and will therefore suit you better.


Laura is ‘cool’ in her colouring, with bright blue eyes and naturally brown hair. She also has real contrast between her hair, skin and eye colour, and can therefore also carry off bright colours well, like royal blue and scarlet, and she should wear cool-coloured metals, like Silver, perhaps mixed with a brightly coloured enamel also, as here.


Sinade is ‘warm’ in her colouring, with green eyes and warm yellow tones in her hair. She is ‘muted’, meaning there is less contrast between her hair and skin tone. Paler, more neutral colours work well on her, and metals with a real warmth to them that pick up the yellow tones in her hair and skin. Yellow Gold works very well for Sinade’s colouring.


Becky is ‘bright’ and ‘cool’ in her colouring. This means there is a high contrast between her hair, eye and skin colour, and her eyes are blue, one of the cool colours in the spectrum. She can carry off bright colours well, like the cornflower blue of her dress, and she should wear cool-coloured metals, like Silver.


Alice is also ‘warm’ in her colouring, with green eyes and copper hair. She has quite a lot of contrast between her pale skin and warmer hair and eyes, so can carry off rich tones with real warmth to them, such as the Terracotta she wears here. A really warm metal, such as Rose Gold, suits her colouring perfectly.

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