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Choosing a Necklace Length

It can be hard to imagine the length of a necklace without trying it on, so we've created a fabulous bust below to help you decide what length would suit you.

We stock necklaces in lots of lengths; including 45cm, 60cm, 80cm and 90cm, our fabulous bust should help you to picture their length.

These are approximate measurements, so depending on the width of your neck, shoulder or bust, lengths may vary slightly.

If you're still not sure, call our team on 01926 335 800 so we can help you.

Things to consider:

Considerations relevant to selecting jewellery include your height and overall build, as well as the length of your neck.

In the main, you should choose jewellery which harmonises with your height and size – so, taller people should wear longer pendants, perhaps 70cm to 90cm in length, while shorter people should keep necklaces to 40 to 50cm.

However, you may also want to distract attention from part of your body – a long neck, for example – or draw attention to something by using jewellery as a ‘focal point’.

Here are some tips on choosing a necklace length:


Sinade is our shortest model, at 5’ 4”, so a short chain length (45cm show here) really suits her, harmonising with her height. Alternatively, if she wanted to look taller, a medium length chain would draw the focal point further down her body.


Rhian is average height, at 5’ 6”. The medium length chain shown here (60cm) really suits Rhian’s height, working well in proportion to her height.


Laura is our tallest model, at 5’ 10”. The long length chain at 90cm works really well to be in keeping with her height, making her look lean and elegant. Alternatively, if Laura wanted to draw attention away from her height, a shorter piece worn in the space below her collarbone would become a focal point, drawing attention up her body and away from her height.

Here are a few hints and tips to help you when choosing jewellery for yourself, a friend or loved one.

Face shape wardrobe personality