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Jewellery Styling Tips Warm and Cool

At fabulous, we aim to make sure our teams are fully trained in the skills which help you choose the right jewellery, whether it be a gift purchase or for personal enjoyment. We work closely with Lyn Bromley of First Impressions, to give us more knowledge of personal styling.

Lyn: “Your accessories will look the very best on you if the colours are selected to harmonise with your own natural colouring. The first factor to consider is whether you suit cool or warm colours best.”

Jo: “So, how would I tell if I suit cool or warm?”

“This is based on your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour."

"You are looking for cool tones in your natural colouring – like ash brown or ash blonde hair, and blue, blue-green, or greyish eyes, and skin with more of a pink or beige tone. Laura has beauitful bright blue eyes and ash blonde hair, making her a classic cool colouring"

"You are looking for warm tones in your natural colouring - like golden brown, or auburn, chestnut tones, while blonde hair will be warmer or strawberry-blonde. Eyes are likely to be green, hazel or golden brown, with golden beige or ivory skin, or pale with freckles."

“So, once you have identified cool or warm, how does this affect your choice of jewellery?”

"The colour of metal you choose and the stones you wear are the key"

“If your colouring tends to be cool, then silver-coloured metals will suit you best, and colours within the jewellery will be at the cool end of the spectrum." "If your colouring is on the warmer side, then it will be gold or rose gold metals that harmonise best and colours in the jewellery will be on the warmer side of the colour spectrum."



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