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How water resistant is your watch, or how water resistant do you need it to be?

Want to know how water resistant your watch is, in real terms? Can you go in the bath wearing your watch, do the washing up or scuba dive? This table is a quick way to see what water resistance your watch has, and what activities that would allow you to do.

It is a common misconception that a 30M resistance means you can dive to 30 metres - it doesn't! The water resistancy level of a watch refers to how much pressure that model can be put under until water would enter the mechanism.

Water resistance table - how water resistant is your watch?

If your watch has No Rating, then you can't risk it being splashed, a 30M rating means that splashing from washing up or being caught in the rain is safe. If your watch has 50M rating you can safely swim and bathe in your watch. 100M rating would allow you to snorkel in your watch and anything 200M or above allows you to scuba dive to depth, but always check with the manufacturer how deep.