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Which Spring Jewellery Trend Are You?

1. Why do you love Spring?
a) The social season hots up and I can start getting my best dresses out ready for the wedding season!
b) It’s festival season! I’ve booked the tickets now I can start buying the wardrobe
c) I love warmer evenings and lighter nights, it’s time to roll out the barbeque
d) It’s the perfect time of year for city breaks and vintage markets
2. Which social occasion are you excited about?
a) Henley Regatta
b) Glastonbury
c) Our local food festival
d) My trip to Rome
3. My favourite Carrie Bradshaw look is…
What's your favourite Carrie Bradshaw look?
4. My favourite shop for Spring is…
a) Coast
b) Urban Outfitters
c) Gap
d) Vintage and Charity shops
5. My jewellery collection consists of…
a) Pearls, Pastels and Gold
b) Bright colours, stacking bracelets and lots of it
c) A collection of quality jewellery which I can mix and match easily
d) An eclectic mix of jewellery with meanings and souvenirs from trips
6. Which of these new bracelet styles are you coveting?
What is your favourite bracelet style?
7. My dream holiday destination is…
a) Cannes
b) Rio
c) Tuscany
d) Barcelona
8. My make-up look is...
a) I like to be well groomed and I’ll wear the lipstick colour of the season
b) It’s all on the eyes, eyeliner and mascara are my go-to products
c) I like a classic look focused on dewy, bright skin
d) I love vintage inspired looks, so eyeliner and lipstick is always in my travel bag
Mostly A’s You should wear the Social Season Trend

For this Spring's Social Season channel your English Rose. You love getting dressed up and can't wait to get your pretty pastels out of your wardrobe. You love chic jewellery with a personal, sentimental touch and you always look polished and chic!
Mostly B’s You should wear the Festivals and Fiestas Trend

For a summer full of fun wear the 'festival' trend. You love finding unusual clothes and accessories and are at your happiest surrounded by your friends with good music and a fun atmosphere. You love colourful jewellery with a handcrafted feel.
Mostly C’s You should wear the Wind-down Weekends Trend

For laid-back lunches and wind-down weekends sport the laid-back luxe trend. You're a spontaneous person and nothing makes you happier than hanging out with your nearest and dearest. You're a natural host who loves luxurious understated clothes and jewellery, your look is polished, laid-back and accessorised perfectly.
Mostly D’s You should wear the Spring in the City Trend

For Spring in the City wear the vintage trend. You are free-spirited and cultured, love people watching and looking through vintage markets. All of your jewellery has a story behind it and you love finding new pieces to add to your collection.