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Choose your mantra

If you need help - look through our inspiration pages for ideas

Decide exactly what will be engraved

If it's too long, we can help you create a shorter version. You can fit a maximum of 35 to 40 characters, including spaces, on the pendant.

The full mantra will be on your card, so don't worry about cutting it down on your pendant.

Have the whole mantra printed onto the accompanying myMantra card

Pick your chain length of chain, and pay for your necklace

We recommend long (80cm) so you can read and be inspired by your mantra through the day

Leave it with us to engrave

We offer a same-day service where possible

Mantras originally came about as sacred words or phrases to repeat when meditating, to help your mind shut out the noise around you and ignore the distractions in your head. Many people use them as part of meditation, yoga or mindfulness practice.

They have grown in popularity to now also describe a phrase or word that inspires or motivates you through the day. Perhaps a phrase which sums up your approach to life; or a positive sentence that uplifts and inspires you during tough times.

Just catching sight of an inspiring word or phrase in the middle of a busy day or at a frustrating moment can change our mood and lift our hearts.

We designed ‘myMantra’ to give you a beautiful piece of jewellery that you can wear every day, to carry your mantra with you. We hope it reminds you to dream big dreams, to see all the positives in life; we hope it makes you smile, and brings you joy!