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Practical Information

Care of your ‘myMantra’ necklace

 Your pendant and chain are both made of Sterling Silver, so will need cleaning
from time to time. Silver oxidises when exposed to moisture, or when left
over time, which can cause a blackening or yellowing of its surface. This can
be easily removed with a polishing cloth, or by using silver dip.

Use only a soft, lint-free polishing cloth, to avoid leaving scratches on the
surface; and ensure you dry your pendant and chain very thoroughly after
any dipping. Read and follow the instructions on any silver dip. Never use a
towel, tea towel, kitchen roll or toilet roll to wipe or clean your pendant, as
they have abrasive surfaces which will scratch its surface.

The high shine nature of your ‘myMantra’ disc will gradually lessen over time,
simply through normal wear. Some dulling of the high shine, and wear-andtear
scratches, are perfectly normal and will simply give your necklace a ‘lived
in’ look, which gives it character.

However, the high shine nature of your disc also leaves it susceptible to light
surface scratches, when it comes into contact with hard surfaces. This should
not generally occur when you are wearing it, as your clothes provide a soft
surface for it. However, when you take it off and lay it on a hard surface, or
store it with other jewellery, or place it with its chain touching the disc, you are
likely to create scratches – so take care when not wearing it.

Please do not wear your ‘myMantra’ pendant in the shower, bath, or when
swimming; or to sleep in. Please also be careful with spraying perfume or
using room sprays, as these can cause silver to discolour.


Your ‘myMantra’ pendant and chain have a 2 year warranty against
manufacturing faults. Fabulous will happily replace the pendant or chain, free
of charge, if any manufacturing faults occur . This does not cover normal wear
and tear, such as surface scratches; or accidental damage or breakage: for
example, catching the chain on something and it breaking; or discolouring
through spraying with perfume.



Once you have agreed and paid for your ‘myMantra’ necklace, it is treated as a ‘firm sale’ and is non-returnable for refund or exchange.

This is a bespoke piece of jewellery that has been created for you. Please be certain in what you want engraving before you commit to your purchase. We are very happy to print your chosen mantra on paper first, so you can see how it will appear on your necklace, before you commit. Orders, whether online, by phone or in the stores, are firm orders and must be paid for up-front and are also non-refundable.


You can choose a line or phrase from a poem, book, song, speech or movie to have engraved on your ‘myMantra’ necklace, even if it is protected by copyright – because it is for your own personal use, and is a small extract*. You cannot then go on to advertise the engraved necklace for sale, or use it in any way commercially. Fabulous agrees to engrave copyrighted words and phrases only on this basis.


Fabulous takes no responsibility for correcting spelling or punctuation of mantras. The mantra will be reproduced as written by the customer.


Fabulous reserves the right to refuse to engrave words or phrases that may be deemed offensive or illegal.

*The rule of ‘fair dealing’ in UK law permits using a small extract of a copyrighted work for personal use only, where the extract is a small part of the whole; and the copy is for personal use, such as studying or personal enjoyment. If Fabulous believes copyright law would be infringed, we reserve the right to refuse to engrave the quotation.