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Jewellery which features words or symbols acts as a reminder to you, a prompt. The words inspire you, and remind you of a feeling or a person; or prompt a way of behaving. They can give you confidence, strength and joy. Symbols on jewellery mean something personal and significant to you. They may have an inherent meaning, like ‘luck’ or ‘love’ or ‘protection’ – but the specifics will be personal to you. Choose a powerful word or symbol to feed and inspire your mind.

By this, we mean jewellery in its physical sense. Something which looks good on you, and makes you feel good through its look. This could be jewellery in a colour you love: one which cheers you up, lifts your soul, and makes you feel alive. It’s not necessarily a colour that suits your colouring, but one which you love. It may be your go-to colour for a notepad, nail polish, home accessory – but it changes your mood for the better. Choose colourful jewellery to make you feel and look good!

This is jewellery which you feel really describes you, ‘gets’ you, captures the essence of you. Jewellery which tells your story, celebrates your values, represents the things you hold dear in life. It could be a charm bracelet or a locket. It could be a piece whose story seems to be your story. This is jewellery which lasts, becomes much-loved, which stirs your soul. Choose jewellery which inspires you deeply, which tells your story and captures your spirit.