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Which Autumn Winter 2014 Jewellery Trend are You?

Take our quiz to find out which Autumn Winter Fashion Week you belong at...

Take a note of whether you answer a, b, c or d

1. Where is your favourite place to shop?

a) Vintage markets are heaven to me, rummaging through piles of beautiful clothes

b) I like high-end brands, so I’ll usually head to a designer shopping centre

c) I always seek out unusual boutiques featuring up and coming designers

d) I’ll spend all day looking for something absolutely perfect, so I’ll scour the entire city!

2. What is your dream date?

a) The more unusual and creative the better, somewhere I’ve never been before

 b) I’d love to be dressed up in my finest, at ‘the-place-to-be-seen’ – somewhere the A-list crowd go!

c) Something vibrant and exciting like a gig followed by cocktails and dancing

d) A romantic stroll in the park followed by a candle-lit dinner

3. What will you live in this Autumn?

a) My leather jacket, it’s so old but I love it

b) Smart black leather boots, they go with everything and I buy a new pair every year

c) I’ll buy a new coat, bright, bold and individual

d) I love pretty scarves and have one to
match every outfit

4. What’s your favourite drink?

a) Whatever the locals are drinking

b) A great vintage of a fabulous wine

c) The brightest craziest cocktail on the menu

d) Pink champagne

5. What jewellery will you be investing in this season?

a) I’ll invest in a few items that I can make my own and wear lots of different ways

b) I’m looking for something chic that will bring some glamour to my work wear

c) Something bright and different that will stand out

d) I’d like something sentimental I can wear every day, close to my heart

6. What would your ideal wedding be?

a) Something that no one would expect, it has to be different from the norm

b) I’d love to get married in a modern space with a classic white theme

c) Vegas – bright lights, crazy, fun and a party to remember

d) A small romantic setting, an idyllic church and an intimate celebration

7. Which watch would you choose?
Mostly A’s – The artistic and intellectual hub that is the PARIS of Hemingway, Picasso and Sartre, where art, philosophy and literature rule the day. Sipping coffee in old cafés along the Left Bank; browsing the bookstalls along the Seine; wandering into dusty galleries. You’re arty and bohemian, a little bit quirky even, with a style that’s all your own. Mostly B’s – MILAN may be über-glamorous, but it’s also the business heart of Italy: where style meets substance; fashion meets finance. This isn’t a city for the fainthearted: Gucci, Prada and Armani are all based here. You love smart, formal clothes, worn with style and panache. It’s a polished, sophisticated and chic look- never underdressed for any occasion.
Mostly C’s –  LONDON fashion is admired the world over for its individuality, boldness and personality. This is the city of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen; where punk meets pop art; where Carnaby Street, Portobello Road and Bond Street happily co-exist. Anarchic, nonconformist, rebellious, London is fashion’s wild child - and so are you. Mostly D’s – NEW YORK is for all lovers of romance and fairy tale. Picture romantic walks in Central Park, carriage rides along Fifth Avenue, ice skating at Rockefeller. You’re Audrey Hepburn, staring through Tiffany’s window; or Deborah Kerr wanting An Affair to Remember. You’d love a big rock from Harry Winston on your finger, and pretty dresses that suit the Park Avenue Princess you’d love to be.