Our in-house brand, Mantra Jewellery, is returning to The Mindful Living Show in June. 

Bringing together experts in mindfulness, meditation and personal growth, this wonderful event is dedicated to exploring better ways of living. It describes itself as an event which gives ‘time for the mind’, and that is a very accurate description.

Mantra Jewellery exhibited at the event last year, showcasing the collection's mindful jewellery pieces, and showing people how to use their jewellery to help give them a moment of calm and serenity in their day; or as a prompt and reminder to change their outlook and behaviour.

The Mantra team also ran a workshop called ‘Find your Mantra’, to help people create their own personal mantras to encourage and motivate them in their daily lives.The workshop was such a success that the team are doing it again!

The Mindful Living Show offers a unique opportunity to learn more about mindfulness and meditation. It has informative and entertaining content for both beginners and experienced practitioners, and investigates how mindfulness can benefit your life and health through live practice, study, fun and relaxation.

Now in its second year, there are over 70 free seminars and practice sessions led by leading authors, teachers and practitioners including Will Young, Tamara Russell, Sir Anthony Seldon and many more.

This unique event allows you to network and meet others in this community, pick up tips from the experts, further your practice or simply be introduced to the art of meditation and all it has to offer our health and wellbeing.

So – please come and see Mantra in Islington, on Friday June 1st and Saturday June 2nd, at this year’s Mindful Living Show, and learn more about bringing peace, presence and perspective into your life.