alex and ani spring summer 2018 designer jewellery bangles

The spring/ summer collection by Alex and Ani is inspired by ornate talismans, and features ancient symbols re-energized with new meaning.  

Expedition Egypt

alex and ani colour infusion falcon bangle designer jewellery

One of the stand-out pieces from the new collection is the colour infusion falcon. In ancient Egypt, the falcon was associated with the rising sun. The god Horus was often depicted as a falcon, as the bird soared above the land and its inhabitants. Wear this bangle to bring success and empowerment.  

alex and ani designer jewellery bangles gift set blue lotus

Another of our favourite pieces from the new collection is the blue lotus set of three. Representing the mystery of life, death, resurrection, and rebirth, the blue lotus held religious importance in ancient Egypt. It was favoured for its colour and scent, and valued for promoting a feeling of transcendence and harmony. Believed to alter your state of consciousness, its seed is intoxicating and was of one ten known as the perfume of divine life. Let the blue lotus breathe new life in you. This beautiful set is perfect for starting a new Alex and Ani stack, or adding colour and sparkle to your current stack.  

Happily Ever After  

alex and ani bridal collection bangles designer jewellery wedding gifts bridesmaid gifts

There are also gorgeous new additions to the bridal collection. The Bridal collection by Alex and Ani is delicate and elegant, with a Swarovski crystal adorning every piece. With a special meaning embossed on every piece, it is the perfect keepsake for a special day.   

Words Are Powerful

alex and ani words are powerful designer jewellery blessed bangle

Add meaning to your stack with new designs from Alex and Ani’s Words Are Powerful collection. The collection is inspired by the power of positive affirmations. Speak your wishes with clarity and determination, and influence your destiny with these beautiful colour infusion designs.