Our summer trends are inspired by the natural, vivid colours of summertime. Whether you opt for warm pinks or cool navies, golds or silvers, one of our summer edits will fit perfectly with your wardrobe. Browse our colour edits below...


One of the must-have symbols of summer 2018 is the flamingo; the tropical pink bird is making appearances everywhere from fashion prints to home décor. Vibrant and eye-catching, the flamingo symbolises joy, sociability and energy. Channel its vitality by adding champagnes, rose golds and fuchsias to your summer look with our Flamingo trend edit. Stand tall, and don’t be afraid to shine bright with your accessories this summer.   


A staple of summer style is the maritime-inspired look, and the nautical is a timeless summer trend. Wear pieces from our Riviera edit to channel shady summer days spent cooling off by the poolside, or strolling along the waterfront. Bring the hues of the sea and sky to your wardrobe with bright jewellery accents. This trend features deep blues, vivid turquoises and cool silver tones.


The most iconic symbol for summer is the sun, which has, since ancient times, represented healing, energy and renewal. The sun connects us all, and brings positivity, optimism and the promise of a new day. Our Soleil edit celebrates the restorative power of the sun’s warm and rays. Chase the sun and spend the summer soaking up its light.  Channel the sunshine with warm tones and bright golds.  


Summer is a time for relaxation, recreation and freedom. Our Sahara trend is inspired by the adventure of the open road in summer. Feel the sand beneath your toes and the wind in your hair, and embrace your oneness with your surroundings in summertime. Wear earth-inspired tones with neutral creams, browns and whites and a mixture of golds and silvers.